Gay Leslie Hansen
1954 - 2021
Gay Leslie Hansen
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Jolicure Cemetery
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Gay Hansen’s life was largely defined by the passion she had for helping others. As a mother, ornithologist, horseman and multi-talented craft artist she shared her knowledge and passion for many subjects with anyone who showed interest. 

The farm she built in Jolicure, with her life partner Thaddeus, reflects her love of a simple and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Here, she was dedicated to the barn, the gardens, and a menagerie of animals which over the years included horses, dogs, cats, birds, rodents, lagomorphs, fishes, turtles, spiders… 

She instilled a love for the natural world in her children, and all the other kids who lived at the farm, by raising her inclusive family on the Tantramar Marsh.

Beyond the children she considered her own, she nurtured the minds of countless Mount Allison University Biology students for four decades, and of passionate young horse people with the Canadian Pony Club for nearly as long.

Gay’s incredible craftsmanship blended her passions for the natural world and for the world of creativity. Her productive nature leaves behind countless handmade objects, from knitted mittens and socks, to woven baskets and rugs, to soap and taxidermied animals; she was always making things to share with and educate those she loved. 

Thaddeus, Joseph, Inga, Theo, Julian, Tracey and all those she touched throughout her life will forever have a greater appreciation for the world around them because of time spent with Gay.

Surrounded by her family, Gay was laid to rest with a natural burial in the Jolicure Cemetery on the overcast afternoon of July 18, 2021. 

A Song Sparrow sang loudly.

Gay Leslie Hansen